Family Float Kayaking Tour

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Stunning Scenery – Great Family Fun

This guided tour is a fun, half-day adventure.

Great for families and is a very exciting activity to do as a team. Paddle the Whakapapa and Whanganui Rivers! Enjoy your time on the water in a safe and controlled environment. The minimum age to take part is 4 years and anyone under 8 years will be in a kayak with a guide. Great family adventure in grade 1-2 rapids

Paddle your own boat! Be prepared to get wet & laugh a lot! Wet suits / Life jackets & Boots provided / Thrills and spills inclusive / No Experience is necessary. Good Fun Grade 2-3 rapids not too big & not too small.

Paddle the Whakapapa River in 2-person inflatable kayaks. Stunning views. The crystal-clear waters descend from Mt Ruapehu (Tongariro National Park) and flow into the majestic Whanganui River. The river edges are surrounded by native New Zealand forest.

Our kayaking tours start on the Whakapapa River near Owhango village befire joining into the Whanganui River. The river edge is surrounded by native New Zealand Podacarp forest. This virgin forest has some of the tallest stands of Rimu & Kahikatea around. Blue ducks (Whio) swim the river and hunt for insects in the white water. This area has the highest density population of whio in the whole of our country.

Our kayaks are a cross between a kayak and a raft. They offer the manoeuvrability of a kayak and the stability of a raft making them virtually impossible to tip over.They slide over and around rocks following the natural flow of the water. They are heaps of fun! Their design makes them suitable for people with no previous experience to enjoy the river as they would in a raft, but it allows them the freedom to be in control themselves, thus giving you a great sense of achievement. Be in control of your own boat, it’s just like rafting only you’re the one doing the work!

The rapids are grade 2-3 – not too big and not too small. Heaps of fun, anyone can do this! We’ll work with your entry to keep it a little challenging but always safe.

Tours are time schedule flexible: we prefer mornings but we can make afternoon tours work as well. Just give us a call or email us and we’ll work it out.

We provide:

  • Kayaks and paddles
  • Wetsuits, life jackets booties, and helmets
  • Return transport from National Park Village
  • Experienced and qualified guides
  • Snacks and hot drinks.

We can organise a BBQ at the end on request.