Tongariro Alpine Crossing – Sunrise Tour

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No Crowds, First Tracks, Pure Beauty. Start time: Hiking by 2.30am, Hike by torch light under the moon & Stars to the highest point of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing to watch the Sunrise.  Enjoy a hot cup of tea on the top and enjoy the start of a new day. Guided Sunrise Tour!  This Guided Tour is an amazing hiking Adventure to see the start of a new day.

Enjoy the stunning scenes and beauty of our volcanoes, Your guide will tell you stories of rich history this amazing area has. You will learn values and traditions of our local people.You will walk across lava flows as recent as 1954 and learn of geological history from as far back as the Great Lake Taupo Eruption in AD 186! Your distance travelled will be 19.4km. Your highest point will be 1887m. Get excited this truly is a once in a life time experience!

Includes Lunch & Transport Transfers